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Check out my weird crap and see what you like... or just yell at me for drawing this, I don't care

Random Favourites


Wanna blow up yourself, a celebrity or your friend? Maybe you'd like to run them over with a Steamroller? Turn them into a cube?

Just hand me a bunch of pictures and I will turn your favorite celebrity (or yourself or a friend) into just that!

(It's a pretty long process and I need time to work it out, college and stuff... send me the points via "Give gift" so you can have it ready once finished.)

(You can add more people but it'll cost 10 points extra, wanna do sequences? 100 points per page)
Toon Swap
An expansion/weight gain/TF sequence with the victim of the original TF swapped with another. 

Can be a sequence, but it's 10 points for each sequence
A sequence is like animation, everything happens in a series of events.

This is kinda like Toon TF's, except it doesn't happen immediately. it can be whatever you want as long as it follows the rules

a single page is 50 points, more pages cost 10 points each
Toon TF
Inflate them, Flatten them, or just turn them into a cube, whatever the case may be, turn here to see your OC get humiliated in humorous ways

(10 points per extra character) 
Just a simple drawing of one or more of your OC's... or any character from popular media for that matter.
an additional 10 for an extra character
A traditional art piece gone digital... these pieces are of higher quality colors and transparency... so it's kind of simple!
Want a story featuring your OC or some other character... pay up here, no drawing required...




C'mon and Slam!

My page in a nutshell



Special thanks to a special friend (Sorry Drewhopper) for giving me a 1-Year Core Membership! 

Yeah! Now I could bring those polls back and upload multiple things at once again!
I was just working on a big project with :iconthisoneauthor: and now I'm ready to get back to drawing other people's stuff just because I want to

Requests, Commissions, Art trades and whatever...
:iconmerfi-toons: Power Girl gets into a bout with Harley Quinn and toony antics ensue (Request)
:icondatartistnuma: I want to draw Numette... Because whatever! (Gift)
:iconpastel-demon: She wants me to draw her Gemsona  Casseterite ref 2 by pastel-demon (Long Overdue Art trade)
:iconscandalousdeer: wants something... secret... I won't be putting it on the profile. It's only here so I can remember. (Not telling you)
:iconmilesprower690: Ness and Lucas from Earthbound flattened and inflated Ness okay plz (Request)
:iconjuacoproductionsarts: Pompi Kate morphing into various shapes as she cheers... Based on the Bubble Blowing Technique (…) (Request)
Also: Emma Sue from Gravity Falls inflated (…)... by Dipper? Maybe?

:iconmontyclan: An inflation morph of Kim Kardashian in her Princess Jasmine outfit... looks more like a belly dancer's outfit than anything (Request)
:icontoonrick2012: A recolor of this  Cherry Sora, Blueberry Kairi, Lemon Riku by TheBlueBritBlur (Commission)

:iconmontagraph: "Can you do a sequence where Raven from TTG inflates her cheeks with water until they get so big she can't hold it anymore and she spits out the water like a geyser? Her cheeks should get pretty big. Inspired by the beginning of this episode":…

I hate Teen Titans Go but I want to give this a try, also, I like Toon Raven's design. (Commission)

:iconfunnytime77: Mean Green (the new name for Katie's Green Diamond ego, the reality bending psycho toon)
 and Lisa Loud the Mask inflate each other by mouth through a rubber hose, Mean Green gets inflated by Lisa and blows back inflating Lisa (Request)

And a few gifts here and there
I don't know when I'll start my reviews (considering I've watched half of what I wanted to talk about but had no clue on what the format should be) but what I've been doing is making some juicy memes!

That no one watches because my channel doesn't exist apparently. Nice job "A Fine Night at Prom", you alienated potential visitors!…

Want a meme stupider than these? I'd like to hear suggestions and opinions



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United States
The Denise Button by Mr-Toontastic

The Tim Toony Button by Mr-Toontastic

My birthday badge

Pixlr Stamp by HarmoniaMurasaki Traditional art + Digital art by RoliStamps Both genders inflation stamp by Inflatorpill JuacoProductionsArts' Fan Stamp by JuacoProductionsArts
CanidTheCreepy Fan Stamp by XMarshmallowBunny99X Caddicarus Stamp by chromeslut Nostalgia Critic Transition Stamp by Airenu-ish Original Characters Stamp by nitchzombie TAWOG: Send message.. by Vane-otaku King Stamp (UPDATED VERSION) by ToaJahli

Kid Friendly Is Not Childish by VVraith Stamp by Kataang-furuba I hate artists writers block by zaz14ispottermad vinesauce by corrrupt

I'm the coolest guy you'll ever meet!

An aspiring Animator and Comic Artist I am, I love to draw crazy characters, write amusing stories and make friends. You will totally enjoy what I have in store!

It's true, I have a few fetishes (Inflation, Flattening and other weird Toon TF's) but personally, I don't find them sexy, I'm the kind of guy who draws inflation and flattening for humorous reasons because, let's face it, these "Fetishes" were used in cartoons for that reason...

Did I mention I am a half toon? I had an accident involving magic ink and now I am a toon myself! I live in a world between reality and cartoons and it's quite interesting... I'll go into more detail on that later, don't want you to think i'm Crazy or something

I make cartoons!:…
My main site!…

I also have Facebook, just find Timothy Gauker and I will be there

Best Ultra Beast in Pokemon Sun and Moon? 

4 deviants said UB-02 Absorption (Buzzwole)
2 deviants said UB-03 Lighting (Xerkitree)
1 deviant said UB-01 Symbiont (Nihilego)
1 deviant said UB-04 Blade (Kartana)
1 deviant said UB-04 Blaster (Celesteela)
No deviants said UB-02 Beauty (Pheromosa)
No deviants said UB-05 Glutton (Guzzlord)


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